Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jet Setter

I have been trying to find the perfect travel outfit for years - something that is comfortable but stylish. I mean really there is no reason for the "tacky tourist" these days! I always dress in layers because you never know what you will get - indoors or out, and I always, always, always bring a pashmina. They make for a great blanket on the plane, and yet take up zero precious bag space because you can simply throw it around your neck for transporting. Airport security is always a challenge, so I try to wear as little metal jewellry as possible, stick to pants that don't require a belt, and wear shoes that slip on and off easily.
A bag that can be worn across your shoulder is also great because it frees up your hands for boarding passes and passports. This bag is a Miche bag and if you haven't discovered them yet, you need to! It is a brilliantly designed purse with an inner bag, and interchangeable outer shells and straps. They are especially great for traveling because rather than wasting suitcase space on different purses or having to settle on just one purse for the whole trip, the Miche shells lie flat in the suitcase and take up virtually no space. They also come in a huge assortment of adorable shells, shapes and sizes. I love my Miche!
Jet Setter

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