Sunday, June 3, 2012

Smart is sexy

I inherited some clothes from my grandmother awhile back when she passed away. Somethings I have kept, but worn very little because I just couldn't figure out how to wear them. One of these items is a full length a-line plaid skirt - mine is green with navy & yellow accents, but this was the closest image I could find.

I decided to pull it out again a little while ago and try to style it - a simple white button up and a black belt seemed to do the trick  The shirt allows the skirt to stay as the central focus but the belt grounds it all and keeps the skirt from being overwhelming .... why had I not thought of this before?? 

I am so eccstatic that I finally found a way to wear this awesome skirt... and as a bonus, I totally feel like a sexy librarian when I wear this outfit. ;)

Smart is sexy

Smart is sexy by mllemelanie featuring a leather clutch

p.s. I don't actually own that awesome clutch that looks like a book... but I totally want one now!

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